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Scale, HPE/Intel, Information Builders and Aerohive Win Big at MES Fall Conference

More than 550 senior IT leaders and technology suppliers gathered in San Antonio, Texas, at the sold-out Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2017 conference for three days of intense keynotes, dynamic boardroom sessions and, of course, plenty of networking. A gala awards ceremony capped off the event, recognizing the event’s best-performing IT vendors and tech suppliers.

Think You've Got It Figured Out? Think Again!

Ever find yourself quoting the immortal philosopher Curly Howard, “I’m Tryin’ to Think, But Nothin’ Happens”?

You might be thinking the wrong way.

MES Fall 2017 is Sold Out! Here's Who Will Be There

There are two words every event organizer loves to hear. Those words are that the event is “sold out.”

The Art of Being Brief: 10 Tips for Success

The Brief Lab lead instructor – and MES Fall speaker Charley Thornton – explains the importance of brevity…and where so many IT executives fall short.

Don't Let Cyberinsecurity Cripple Your Bottom Line

Even though most midmarket IT leaders know that cyber attacks will devastate their bottom line, they only devote a minuscule amount of their IT budgets to combating those attacks.

If you’re like most midmarket IT leaders, your company’s infrastructure is your central nervous system. It goes without saying, perhaps, that an attack on that infrastructure would be devastating.

Building the Ultimate Team

Robert DeMarzo offers takeaways for Midsize Enterprise Summit attendees from Don Yaeger’s preview of his MES Fall keynote at the recent Xchange conference in Orlando.

Security, Compliance Challenges Start From Within

Two Midsize Enterprise Summit speakers who work in the legal and insurance industries discuss the security and compliance challenges they face within their own firms.

Henry Chace is the chief information officer with the Boston-based law firm Burns & Levinson LLP. Doug Pontious is BI analytics executive with Amerisure Insurance.

Be Aware: Your Partners Are Going Through Dramatic Change

One of the comments you hear consistently from midmarket IT leaders is that they rely on partners extensively. When they use the word “partner” they are referring to solution providers, IT consultants and firms that can help with IT solutions from cloud to apps to IoT, infrastructure and everything in between. It is a symbiotic relationship built on trust along with the partner’s knowledge of the IT leader’s business.

Believe the Hype: Five Technology Trends Driving the Midmarket

Mike CisekMike Cisek, research director for SMB infrastructure and operations with Gartner, offers a sneak preview of his Midsize Enterprise Summit discussion on five trends in midmarket IT.

How unique is the midmarket IT space?

CISO | Top Roles and Responsibilities

Many people mistakenly think a CISO (chief information security officer) is simply head of technical security operations – sort of an IT manager – and that’s the extent of their role.

The truth is, while CISOs must be tech-savvy, their responsibilities demand much more. They must be excellent communicators and leaders, as well as incredibly good at understanding the big picture. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top responsibilities that belong to an organization’s CISO and discuss how an information security program can help.