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Don't Be the Next Victim of Ransomware

Brendan Patterson of WatchGuard Technologies discusses how senior IT leaders can protect the organization from ransomware attacks through an easily deployed, layered approach to security.

Hackers look at midsize enterprises much the way a child looks at a piece of candy: the object of their affection.

Peer Perspectives on Perfecting the Budget Process

Four IT executives offer insights into successful budgeting strategies as well as lessons learned in dealing with business and financial leaders to gain support for IT investments.

By the time you read this article, it’s more than likely you either have a final budget for the coming year or at worst, a good idea of what you’ll be able to spend in 2018.

Are Your People Better Off for Having Worked with You?

I have spoken with many leaders who are responsible for managing people. Most of them feel a sense of responsibility for creating a professional work environment where their people can succeed. While this is clearly important, I feel this is nowhere near enough.

Meet the Tech Exec: Todd Stewart, Western Digital

Western Digital executive Todd Stewart shares his thoughts on the public cloud and the internet of things, and shares guidance for fellow CIOs.

MVPs Matter, But Great Teammates Matter More

Don Yaeger shares the story of unsung hero David Ross and how it takes more than most valuable performers for an organization to succeed.

Justin Turner. Marwin Gonzalez. Brad Peacock. Joc Pederson. Alex Bregman.

Vendors Need to Own the Midmarket

Robert DeMarzo looks at why top midmarket executives deserve recognition for their efforts.

Each year, we publish a list of executives who are driving the midmarket strategy of IT vendors and tech suppliers. In other words, they own it and are the executives responsible for making customers feel confident that their company truly believes in the midmarket.

Wisdom of the CEO Crowd

Three CEOs share insights that apply to CIOs and IT leaders at The Channel Company’s Best of Breed conference.

We recently got to listen to something special—interviews and presentations from several leading high-tech CEOs. Chief executives are, for the most part, a really bright group of individuals with incredible insight and wisdom. Theirs is a demanding job dedicated to serving stockholders, customers, employees and boards of directors. Catching them during a period of reflection where they can pass along their wisdom is truly something special.

Midmarket CIOs Not Sitting Still Anymore

If you want to learn about the state of midmarket, then just eavesdrop on a gathering of nearly 200 midmarket IT leaders along with the industry’s top tech suppliers and industry experts.

MES Fall 2017 Offers Three Days of Information Gathering, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

If you couldn’t make it to San Antonio for this year’s Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2017 conference, take a quick look at what you missed…and make plans to join us next year!

The Changing Role of Modern IT: How One Solution Provider Is Helping Clients Transform

Ron DuplerFind out how one solutions provider has evolved from a technology-led to a services-led organization over the past quarter century and how that shift impacts the midmarket CIO.