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Tracing the Evolution of Viruses from Harmless to Harmful

Terry OrletskyMES IT Security Board member Terry Orletsky has seen first-hand how viruses have grown from pesky nuisances that impacted isolated businesses, to cybersecurity threats that dominate headlines worldwide.

With decades of IT experience under his belt, Terry Orletsky has witnessed the transformation of the security landscape on many different fronts.

Keeping IT Healthy Challenging in Healthcare

Leslie CothrenFind out how this North Carolina-based IT director and MES Advisory Board member deals with the unique challenges of working in healthcare, how he spends his IT dollars and how he helps his business open new revenue opportunities.

Security, Cloud, BI Dominate Midmarket Challenges

Mike CisekSecurity-related topics will continue to be a part of the Midsize Enterprise Summit, but learn about a new event that offers a laser-like focus on the subject for security leaders from midmarket companies.

Security, business intelligence and cloud, three of the biggest tech issues defining the midmarket today, were the subject of a recent educational webinar organized by the Midsize Enterprise Summit.

Say Hello to the Newest MES Advisory Board Members

Derek ChristopherLearn how these new MES Advisory Board members will help develop event content, coach speakers, and uncover the biggest issues facing midmarket CIO leaders.

You Have More in Common With the NBA Than You Realize

Jeff LutesMES Advisory Board Member Jeff Lutes discusses how he faces the same challenges as a small to midsize enterprise despite working for the Orlando Magic, as well as finding the right partners to do business with.

Most folks wouldn’t assume that professional sports franchises struggle with resource management.

Take the NBA’s Orlando Magic, for example. Forbes calculated their team value at $920 million as of February 2017.

A New Vision for Leading IT in a Midsize Enterprise

Every leader needs a vision for achieving success within the constraints of budget, time, staff and skills. Bob DeMarzo looks at what IT leaders must gather to ensure their vision is business-proof.

You Wanted Data. You Got Data. Now, What Do You Do With All of That Data?

Tammy BarrMES Advisory Board member Tammy Barr discusses how her struggle with data has evolved from figuring out where to find it to trying to get more of it to deciding how to analyze all of it.

Back in the day, companies wanted as much data as they could get, but didn’t know where to find it. Then they started getting measurable data, but still wanted more.

Leading the Process of Change

A big part of why many IT executives are hired is associated with leading major change initiatives. Whether this is around digital transformation, organizational transformation or simply implementing a major CRM system, most of us are engaged to drive change within our organizations. But what is involved in leading major change initiatives? Here are some important components in driving strategic change.

Meet the Tech Exec: Jeromy Giacosa, Accriva Diagnostics

Jeromy Giacosa of Accriva Diagnostics discusses what he thinks should be the chief focus of IT directors, hiring challenges he’s faced and mistakes he’s made…and learned from.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

How do you know whether you should ascend the company ladder or seek greener pastures? Bob DeMarzo looks at the factors that influenced his decision to stay at The Channel Company.

One of the great workplace debates is whether to stay at one organization to climb the ladder of success or hop around from company to company, taking on positions of more responsibility and power.