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Thinking Through Your Channel Relationships

Depending on where you, as a vendor, are on the totem pole of significance, should determine how you evaluate the importance of solution provider relationships.

Where Is MDF Headed?

In today's market, tech vendors need to shift toward a model that embraces engagement with a sales prospect over completed deals.

Prepare For The Rise Of Application-Centric IT

In 2017, the cloud industry may well deliver the long-standing promise of agile software development, and the channel looms critical in helping customers adapt to it.

Where Should Solution Providers Place Their Unified Communications Bets?

The UC market is changing and will continue to change as the cloud finds a stable home and customer buying patterns shift from CapEx to OpEx. Through this cloud and software transition, solution providers will be able to find a profitable path through services – it just depends on which of the two paths you want to take. 

Technology And The Election: How Do Solution Providers Stand To Gain?

Lying beneath all the mud that has been tossed in this year's presidential campaign are a handful of policy proposals of interest to the channel. 

For Security Solution Providers, A Crisis-Borne Opportunity

Cybercrime is rising rapidly, but that creates opportunity for security solution providers.. According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, the annual costs of fighting cybercrime will grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion by 2021.

Emerging Vendors Need To Build Channels Earlier, Not Later

Engaging the channel later in a company's evolution may have made sense back when the channel's chief role was sales fulfillment – selling and distributing a vendor's products in markets and geographies that it couldn't otherwise reach. But the role of the channel is changing – indeed, it already has changed – from a sales and distribution focus to providing solutions around a vendor's products and, more recently, providing strategic services around those solutions.

Tech Is Moving Faster than Ever, Offering Huge Vendor and Partner Opportunity

The faster-than-ever pace of technology is causing massive disruption to business models and pushing consolidation. Yet it’s also leading to new, sometimes eye-opening opportunities.

Are You Thinking About Strategic Service Providers?

The growth in cloud is changing the channel partner’s role, which requires technology vendors to rethink the structure of the vendor-partner relationship.