Vendor M&A Leads to Channel Consolidation

The pressure to go big or go home brings a new sense of urgency to channel partners who are looking to remain a valued part of the technology supply chain.

Do You Push Or Pull Partners?

No doubt the economy is more forgiving than it was a year or two ago and most Strategic Service Providers are having more sales success. But suppliers that are strategically looking for their SSP channel partners to bring on net new customers must decide if they are pushing hard enough as well as pulling the SSPs with incentives that are effective.

How To Manage Your B2B Marketing Database

As a B2B marketer, your bread and butter is leads—you’re either trying to generate new leads or trying to convert your current leads into customers. And once you have those customers, your job is to keep them happy and hopefully convert them further into being advocates of your products. So, where do you keep the information on these leads? The answer is your B2B marketing database.

Understanding The Scale Of The Partner’s Journey Versus The Buyer’s Journey

Influencing a decision has always been the goal of strategic marketing. More importantly, the fundamentals of marketing are based on the fact that doing so requires multiple touchpoints at different steps in the decision-making process.

Do You Have A Digital Marketing Plan?

That may seem like a question with either a “yes” or “no” response, but it’s not. Having one big marketing campaign that you use to market to customers and potential customers across all channels does not mean you have a digital marketing plan. It simply means that you have an overall marketing plan. Here’s why you need to separate digital from your other marketing plans. 

Thinking Through Your Channel Relationships

Depending on where you, as a vendor, are on the totem pole of significance, should determine how you evaluate the importance of solution provider relationships.

Website Design Best Practices

You may think that website design is something you only need to think about when you’re creating your company’s website for the first time. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Best practices for website design change all the time, so you should be continually testing and evaluating your site for the best user experience possible. Read on to learn what your website should look like and, more important, what it shouldn’t.

Where Is MDF Headed?

In today's market, tech vendors need to shift toward a model that embraces engagement with a sales prospect over completed deals.

How to Create a Winning B2B Marketing Budget

With the new year upon us, thoughts are turning–if they haven’t already–to the creation of B2B marketing budgets. Fifty-seven percent of marketing leaders surveyed expect their budgets will increase further this year in 2017. Just how much are people expecting to spend on marketing this year and how do you go about creating your own budgets to maximize return on your marketing investments? 

Prepare For The Rise Of Application-Centric IT

In 2017, the cloud industry may well deliver the long-standing promise of agile software development, and the channel looms critical in helping customers adapt to it.