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Dec 6-7, 2016. Pre-Conference: Dec 5
Anaheim , CA

Transform & Profit with the Next Generation of Tech

 Cloud computing is enabling today’s hottest technologies--analytics, IoT, security, mobility, dev ops, containers, advanced system architectures and many more. NexGen is designed for the solutions providers on the cutting edge of the channel building business models around these next-generation technologies. These early adopter, services-oriented partners are a step ahead of the pack looking to identify the cloud-based solutions which will drive new revenue and future profits. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to monetize new cloud-based computing models and determine which solutions can be built in-house or require partnerships. It is at this conference where attendees will find trusted partners to build new age relationships to complement their services and technology offerings. Leave the NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo armed with actionable strategies and tactics to transform into a next-generation service provider.


Top Reasons to Attend

► Channel Centric POV

NexGen is built for the channel by the channel. Every session, every speaker, every sponsor focuses on how Solution Providers can succeed when technology is being commoditized. How do you remain relevant? What is the channel's role? Where do you add value? How do you move from a product-centric company to a services-centric company?

► Drive Growth & Profitability

Profitability is always the name of the game. How can your organization capture lasting, re-occurring monthly revenue from cloud-enabled services? How can you provide value to your customers and drive revenue? How should you structure your sales and marketing teams to best deliver cloud-enabled offerings?

► Real Talk in a Trusted Peer Environment

Forget the marketing hype and blatant sales pitches. At NexGen, you'll go beyond the surface through real conversations with like-minded solutions providers. Hear and share stories of success, failures and lessons learned.

► Enable Next Generation Technologies

It’s beyond cloud, its about what cloud makes possible -– Security, Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mobility, IoT and so much more. And most importantly, it’s about how solution providers can differentiate themselves by taking a consultative approach when delivering these services.

► Platform & Vendor Agnostic

NexGen brings the best technology suppliers and latest solutions together under one roof, allowing you to compare and evaluate products, solutions and channel programs side by side. You’ll meet with vendors both large and small, established and emerging, showcasing the full gamut of technology.


What Our Attendees Say

"This was the most wonderful conference I have EVER been to!  I met so many great people and two amazing partners, that we are immediately going to begin delivering solutions together. I was able to speak to a lot of vendors and am meeting with IBM to begin testing Bluemix.  I met with Corent, Orbitera and several others and am so happy I came.”

 ► Jerod Powell, Founder & CEO, InfinIT Consulting

“I’m really happy I was invited to the NexGen Conference, I made some really good contacts with a couple of vendors that I’ll probably be looking to work with right away! Just wanted to let you know I received some great value for more time.”

 Keith Parent, CEO, Court Square Group

"When I was first approached about attending, I was hesitant given the time of year and the number of initiatives that I am currently managing in preparation for the coming fiscal year. However, I can truly say that I am very happy that I prioritized this event.
I was able to not only increase my network of contacts with other thought leaders within the industry, but I was also able to identify “actionable” takeaways that will help me positively impact my businesses bottom-line."

 Charles Stafford, Vice President of Technical Operations, Matrix Integration

"In order to succeed, partnerships are critical.  I am excited that this event provides the opportunities to connect, share best practices, and find ways to round out my portfolio."

 Alex Brown, CEO, 10th Magnitude

"Cloud computing is not just a new technology and is not just a new approach to IT service delivery.  Cloud computing is transformative in its ability to enable change and growth for business of all sizes."

 Allen Falcon, CEO, Cumulus Global

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Event Sponsors

D&H Distributing
Datto Inc.
HP Enterprise
Kaspersky Lab
Level 3 Communications
Mist Systems
Rapidfire Tools
Ruckus Wireless
SMB Techfest
Star2Star Communications
Work Market

Featured Sessions

  • How to Build a DevOps Team in 60 Days and Not Get Fired 
  • DevOps to Dollars: How to Monetize this Transformational Trend
  • Movings Apps to Containers in 5 Easy Steps
  • This One Trick Will Save Your Failing Project

  • How to Monetize IoT: An Enteprise Case Study
  • IoT In Healthcare & Other Verticals
  • Accelerate Your IoT Success:  Perspectives From Leading Customers 
  • Cloud Sourcing
  • Cloud Services Marketplace
  • Cloud Shedding
  • Hybrid Hosting

NexGen Strategic Advisors

Jamie Begin
Jamie Begin
CEO, RightBrain Networks
Sam Coyl
Sam Coyl
President/CEO, Netrepid
Allen Falcon
Allen Falcon
CEO, Cumulus Global
Sean Ferrel
Sean Ferrel
CEO, Managed Solution
David Geevaratne
David Geevaratne
Chief Sales Officer, NEW SIGNATURE
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan
Managing Director, THINKStrategies
Jason Lambiris
Jason Lambiris
Chief Executive Officer, Apex Digital Solutions
Mark Melvin
Mark Melvin
Chief Technology Officer, ePlus Technology, inc.
Sachin Parikh
VP, Business Development, SNP Technologies, Inc.
Ryan Trimberger
Ryan Trimberger
Co-Founder and CEO, Stratum Technology Mangement
Chris Ward
Chris Ward
CTO, GreenPages-LogicsOne


Nan Boden
Head of Global Alliances, Google
Marc Goodman
Global Security Advisor, Futurist and Founder, Future Crimes Institute
Dave Bartoletti
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Herm Edwards
Former NFL Head Coach, ESPN Commentator
David Linthicum
Senior Vice President, Cloud Technology Partners
Dave Thompson
CTO, RightBrain Networks
Jerod Powell
CEO, INFINIT Consulting
Zaw Thet
Partner, Signia Venture Capital
Tolga Tarhan
Chief Technologist, Sturdy Networks

Who Should Attend


Giving Back

Channel@Work is our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much over the past three decades. This charitable arm of The Channel Company’s events group is designed to bring the IT community together to connect and give back to the local communities that host our events.

Check back soon for more information on our charity project at NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo 2016.

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