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Channel Advocate - Issue 4 - August 2016

Channel Partners Hunt For Their IoT Starting Points

For years, the channel dismissed the Internet of Things as mere hype. But now, solution providers are actually finding opportunities in IoT. Yet they haven't come without challenges. To move ahead with IoT, solution providers and vendors need to work closer together to discuss the role partners can play that can lead them to more profit.                

Channel Advocate - Issue 3 - July 2016

Emerging Vendors Need To Build Channels Earlier, Not Later

IT startups have generally followed a common path as they have moved from their earliest sales efforts to widespread sales and distribution of their products. They start with a handful of early-adopter customers, eventually expanding to a broader base of customers that can serve as marquee references – all through direct sales. And then, sometimes after several years, they "cross the chasm" and begin selling more widely.                          

Channel Advocate - Issue 2 - June 2016

Tech is moving faster than ever

If there is any certainty in this market, it’s that technology is moving faster than ever, resulting in huge disruption to business models that don’t keep pace. It’s also the driving force behind consolidation in the vendor and partner ecosystem, and spawning new opportunities that at times appear to be truly amazing.

Channel Advocate - Issue 1 - May 2016

The Rise of the Strategic Service Provider

As the world of IT solutions continues to evolve, one important point of consideration for partners and their suppliers is understanding how they deliver products, what’s changing about it and how to position themselves with customers.