Jorge MaestreAn HPE storage expert discusses how cloud, automation and artificial intelligence accelerate your business.

Hybrid IT isn’t just hype. It’s reality.

Automation and AI drive faster, smarter and less-expensive operations, resulting in the need for powerful hybrid infrastructures that any midsize organization—large or small—can take advantage of to accelerate business.

What does it mean to be cloud-ready? How can you get there? How does automation change everything in the race to simplicity?

Jorge Maestre, senior technologist and strategist for worldwide storage with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, talked at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2018 conference in Orlando about why:

  1. Predictive flash is a necessity in the midmarket
  2. Secure infrastructure is required to achieve automated simplicity

Midsize enterprises must deliver new products and services faster while also keeping their businesses running. That struggle means apps and data must balance new technology like the Intelligent Edge, high-performance computing and the private cloud with traditional IT, core infrastructure, public cloud and conventional computing.

“Think about how you travel, how you shop and how you talk to your kids on social media. There’s more data being created every second of every day. All that data has to be managed.”

With all that data swirling around, you have likely said to yourself, “I can’t keep up.”

The supply chain challenge

Maestre points to a case study where transportation solution provider Pitt Ohio needed to replace its aging equipment.

The aging equipment lacked capacity to keep up with workloads, and Pitt Ohio wanted a solution that:

  • Cuts down on rising Capex and Opex costs
  • Simplifies a multi-vendor environment with complex management and time-consuming maintenance
  • Improves data protection and reduces an eight-hour backup window

Adopting HPE solutions has led to improved compute performance, reduced storage capacity, projected $250,000 ROI over a three-year period, including $70,000 in the first year, and one-hour backups.

Suffice to say the company was thrilled.

“It’s nice to have a piece of software that you can rely on, and it’s exceeding our expectations as far as performance and what it can do,” said Justin Brooks, systems engineer with Pitt Ohio, in a quote Maestre included in his MES presentation.

Simple. Smart. Safe.

Maestre advises solution provider to use simple, smart and safe solutions. “Simple is something that’s almost instant. That’s where we want to be,” he said.

When it comes to safe, do your solutions protect data proactively?

“When you have better stuff, you can make better decisions. You put all these technologies in place to protect you, but they’re not cheap.”

And though enterprises have the breadth and depth to diversify their risk, midsize enterprises are more exposed. “Technology purchases are more isolated. You are more in need of security than anyone else. What you buy has to keep up with what you need.”

Maestre advocates HPE and Intel solutions but adds, “Our perspective is not unique to us. It’s unique to us today, but everyone will eventually get there. Think about vendors are making your life easier and how they’ll make your life easier going forward.”