Senior IT leader is vocal about how SD-WAN can help midsize companies improve network performance, bandwidth

Nick Dell, a senior IT leader with Midway Products Group, has been is a leading voice of how midmarket organizations can deploy SD-WAN to improve network connectivity for their organizations. He recently spoke to a group of solution providers who service midsize organizations.

Dell has been vocal on the issue of SD-WAN highlighting it’s benefits to CIOs and senior IT leaders along with the tech integrators who service midsize and enterprise customers. CRN recently ran an article of Dell’s presentation given at an XChange Conference where leading solution providers and vendors gather.

“SD-WAN is really the next thing. It’s just like hyper-converged and what VMware has done in virtualization,” said Dell whose company had major problems with its previous MPLS network system including peak bandwidth usage issues and failover failure.

After successfully installing a Cato Networks SD-WAN solution, Dell’s company had five to 20 times more bandwidth, better redundancy to the Internet, less downtime, Quality of Service (QoS) that worked and a networking solution that was easy to manage. His company saved thousands of dollars per month after switching from MPLS to SD-WAN.