MES spring 2018 feedbackCheck out this collection of testimonials from a post-event survey of Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2018 conference attendees.

If there is one certainty in the midmarket it is that senior IT leaders trust the opinions of their peers. In fact, they live by the advice they receive from fellow CIOs, IT managers and others who oversee their organization’s use of technology that supports or advances the business. What we have assembled below is a collection of testimonials that were written in a recent post-event survey of the Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2018 conference.

During several meetings our team had at the event, senior IT leaders said they decided to attend the event based on the advice or recommendation from a colleague who had attended previous event. We work hard at organizing and executing the MES conferences always looking for ways to improve the event so it is gratifying to receive such words of praise and input on the event. Below are the words of your peers, which we only edited to clean up some misspellings and grammatical errors. We will post more, but please review the comments below to see if this is an event you would like to attend in the future. If so, you can register here.

  • If you are an IT leader looking for one major event to attend, this is the one. From the excellent keynote sessions to the networking with colleagues and vendors, this is the most well-rounded event every year.
  • MES is a great opportunity to see emerging technology while networking with peers in the mid-enterprise.
  • MES is an important event for me. It's about the only event where I can meet with multiple vendors, get a sense of the direction of where things are headed, and network with colleagues in a time-compressed, efficient, effective, and enjoyable format.
  • This is one of the best events that I have attended. At MES, you get to meet vendors and their competitors in the same place and get answers to questions you may have. You also meet peers from different companies of varying sizes that are trying the solve the same problem or may have solved the problem you are currently facing. This is a must-attend event.
  • Once again, this event has been invaluable in connecting me with vendors that care about the SMB/mid-market space. It has exposed me to new product offers and vendors I was previously unaware of. Most importantly, it has allowed me to build invaluable relationships with vendors and peers in the same sector or using similar technologies.
  • Great keynote speakers relevant to today's issues, not just from a technology perspective.  The assembled technology providers were outstanding.
  • MES is a great event for IT leaders as it provides a method to see a variety of vendors from across different verticals and receive feedback from the other attendees about those vendors. MES also provides some validation in your challenges and opportunities. You'll find other IT leaders who are in a similar position.
  • MES provides a good opportunity to network across different verticals as other conferences may be focused on a certain industry.
  • A great experience for the IT executives of today, and tomorrow.
  • This was my first MES event. The vendor and participant networking provided me with a better sense of common problems and solutions between colleagues and the vendors. The Solutions Pavilion provided me with additional value for those vendors not in my board rooms. In fact, I will be following up soon with a couple vendors.
  • I was really impressed with the content, speakers and overall presentation. I came away with so many ideas for overall strategy and solution ideas that my mind was literally racing.
  • The format of the MES experience is very unique. Having peers review, discuss and comment on the various topics and products puts you in a much better position to evaluate technology.
  • Of all the IT leadership conferences I attend each year, this event stands above them all. It covers leadership, IT strategy, technology trends, and offers a great opportunity for networking.
  • This conference finds a way to balance an intense schedule with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • I went to MES Spring 2018 not sure what to expect. I was very happy to learn about vendors, services, and products that I have never been introduced to before. The networking aspect was very fun, and great to me. I made a lot of new connections, and great friends.
  • Excellent way to connect and share experience with your peers. Great way to meet and evaluate new technology or service vendor. If you see something you like, the small boardroom session is a great way to ask question and pick your boardroom members' brains.
  • MES is the perfect blend of industry-relevant presentations, vendor information and collaboration opportunities with CIOs with similar experiences, budgets and staffing.

We are happy to post more testimonials in future blogs, but this gives you a flavor of the power of peer networking along with the opportunity to engage with tech suppliers and vendors.

The MES Spring conference had very high satisfaction ratings. We measure the event’s Net Promoter Score which was 89 and our attendees rated it a 6.6 on a 7-point scale.

Let’s end on the words of one attendee who said, “A treasure trove of resources, networking opportunities, sounding boards and how-to on so many topics that are relevant to mid-size IT groups. Some of the best subject-matter expert talks I have ever listened to and spot-on vendor presentations. The whole of the operation is five-star and as professional as it gets.”