Mickey TanMickey Tan, IT manager at popchips, sits down with Midsize Enterprise Strategies to discuss lack of upper management buy-in and how he quells this pain point.

Change is necessary for every organization to grow.

However, before managers can enact change, they must get approval from upper management.

But this can harder than initially thought.

Mickey Tan, IT manager for popchips, has experienced this issue while attempting to install a warehouse management system in his company. He discussed the challenge with Midsize Enterprise Strategies during the MES Fall 2018 conference in San Diego.

“Change in management is one of the toughest battles that I face.”

“In manufacturing, there’s still a lot of paper stuff that we’re doing,” says Tan. “Some people don’t want to give up their Excel spreadsheets.”

This is due in part to people getting comfortable with their daily routines, having no interest in breaking from their old policies and procedures.

Tan has learned to sell his solutions from the bottom up.

“Don’t just get the senior-level management to buy in. Start with the people who are in the trenches to see the value.”

Tan says that once you establish a proof-of-concept with the associates responsible for carrying out the new workplace practices, it is much easier to go to upper management to get their stamp of approval because you have data to support the proposed solution.

Tan credits events like the Midsize Enterprise Summit with giving him ideas on how to evolve his IT organization.

“Seeing products that I would never see if I was researching on my own prompts me to buy something when I have the need,” says Tan.

“It’s kind of cathartic to know that everyone’s in the same boat. Everyone goes through the same struggles and we’re all in it together.”