Find out where one expert on business workflow thinks most of you are struggling to build a successful team that will sleep under desks for you.

When you ask Clay Hart who he is and what he does, it doesn’t sound much different than how many of you would describe themselves.

Hart is CEO and founder of Diverse Technology Solutions, a New York City-based cloud hosting provider for voice and data. They only sell to a partner channel, meaning their customers are other IT solution providers who resell cloud services. “We don’t sell direct to the consumer. We sell exclusively through our partner channel.”

It’s sort of a distributor model in a sense. They switched to the channel model about three years ago, dropping their internal sales staff. “It was a slow transition,” Hart says. “We gained solution providers who wanted to sell our services. We had margins to do that. We thought that was a better fit for the future for us, and so far, it has been.”

Hart says it was a “pretty natural transition. We started to take on one or two partners, selling 5 to 10 deals a year, and we grew from there. Once we realized the volume from partners was more than direct sales could bring in, we did a complete switch. We got rid of our internal staff. The wholesale route was the way to go. It was very beneficial.”

That’s not what makes Hart and his company unique. What does? Keep reading!

No turnover, no problem

Hart is quick to note how much loyalty his employees have shown him over the years.

“We don’t have any turnover.”

Sounds impossible, but Hart explains, “I’ve built this organization. Many of our top-level people have been together for well over a decade. Engineers who come in, stay on board. There’s zero turnover in our tech department. We lost one engineer in eight or nine years. The company has a history of being like a cult. You come in and you don’t go out. We have built a cult-like foundation in the business. It’s a fantastic organization, from the top level down. I’m not putting a feather in my cap, but over the years, I’ve learned the trials and tribulations of how to successfully deal with and manage people, and how to hire to match like personalities together to get the best out of a group.”

Hart will discuss this at our XChange Solution Provider 2018 conference this March in Orlando where you can learn about how to hire and retain talent, the psychology of the process, who to look for, who to work with, how to understand the culture you have and, if you don’t have one, how to develop one with your next hire.

It wasn’t always this easy

“My first 10 years in the business, it was a disaster. I hired best friends. I don’t speak to them anymore. I went through 10 years of pain. I learned the wrong way and, over time, I learned the right way. I developed an interview process that’s very personality-driven and less technical. We like to say, ‘Hire on personality and not on skill set,’.  If you have two people in front of you, with the same credentials and the same experience, and both want the same money, how do you decide who is the best fit? You usually throw a dart. Using proven methods of applying psychology to your hiring process you can better decide which candidate will make the best hire.

“At the end of the day, if you understand how to do a psych profile on someone by asking questions that have nothing to do with the position, but get out of them who they are and how they think, you can pick the right candidate and pair them with like-minded people who think the same way. You can develop culture in a company.”

If you’d like to know more, check out the agenda for XChange Solution Provider 2018, which takes place from March 4-March 6, 2018 in Orlando.