Bob DeMarzoA synopsis of leading vendors who are addressing the needs of midmarket IT leaders with solutions designed specifically for this sector.

When it comes to the midmarket, actions speak louder than words.

Senior IT leaders want tech suppliers and vendors who are committed to this market and understand the needs of midsize companies. We have said that many times before so apologies to those hearing it again.

For lack of a better description, midmarket IT leaders want tech suppliers and vendor partners who are loyal to this space. They don’t want opportunists looking to swoop in, score a few deals and move on.

The thinking goes along these lines. Midmarket IT leaders lack the staffing resources of their larger counterparts and find themselves under pressure from business leaders to deliver results. So, they need vendors they can count on—those willing to build a brand and presence in the midmarket.

Making midmarket moves

The companies listed below are doing just that to convince IT leaders they are indeed serious about serving this space, which spans some 200,000 companies in the U.S. Each of these companies is also making a commitment to the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2018 event by participating in boardroom meetings with CIOs; presentations, networking functions and other activities. Senior IT leaders take their presence at this event seriously, often basing buying decisions on whether they truly demonstrate an understanding of the midmarket.

HPE has long been a keynote and boardroom anchor of the MES events, where it demonstrates not only its latest technology solutions but its understanding of the market. When HP, under CEO Meg Whitman, decided to split into two entities, the company came to MES to walk IT leaders through its plan asking for feedback on how to make the transition easy for these buyers. It was a great example of how seriously the company takes the views of its midsize customers. HPE teams with Intel to have a major presence at the event for both brands.

In addition to HPE and Intel, Mimecast will be attending MES Fall to discuss its cloud-based email management solutions along with archiving, continuity and security offerings for the midmarket.

Scale Computing has built its company around the midmarket with solutions that integrate storage, servers and virtualization software. The company has been a pioneer in the hyperconvergence market, always looking to improve its offerings. That’s why its leadership attends nearly every event to hear directly from customers.

Over the years, Information Builders has used the MES events platform to move from an enterprise-customer focused company to one that addresses the needs of the midmarket. The company has made great progress over the past few years, winning midmarket business. We have often heard our MES Board members and attendees discuss the success they have had installing the company’s BI and data management solutions.

Even though Ruckus, which is now an Arris company, has gone through some changes in ownership over the past few years, its executives have remained focused on this core customer segment. Ruckus attends MES Fall to discuss its leadership role in the WiFi space and uses the even to establishing close working relationships between its senior leaders and midmarket IT leaders.

Security rates as the No. 1 challenge facing midmarket IT leaders. That’s why WatchGuard will be participating in MES Fall to showcase solutions that help midmarket IT leaders address network security and WiFi, among other solutions. WatchGuard Technologies is no doubt serious about the midmarket and a company to watch in this space.

Romania IT and Brazil IT bring a consortium of tech suppliers, vendors and services companies who target the midmarket. At MES Fall, both organizations will bolster their commitment to the midmarket with a large presence. Romania IT will have 14 companies attending the event as part of their delegation. Here are the 14 Romanian tech companies attending MES.

In a similar way, Outsource Brazil under the Brasil IT umbrella brings a consortium of IT services and solution providers to MES. The group has shown a commitment to the midmarket over the years, working closely with MES attendees and Board members to address a wide range of challenges. Learn more about Outsource Brazil’s members and services.

Putting midmarket messaging, money to work

All these companies are investing in the midmarket with hard-earned dollars. We have used MES Fall as one example, but they use many other venues and platforms to spread word of their commitment to the midmarket. They put these investment dollars to work to communicate their message and value proposition to senior IT leaders in hopes of growing their business and enabling customers to succeed.

When peers ask who is committed to the midmarket, just tell them actions speak louder than words and point them to the companies listed above.

In my next blog, we will visit with many of the other MES Fall sponsors who are vying for the attention of midmarket buyers. There were just far too many companies to cover in this one posting.