Jason Collier is Co-founder of Scale Computing. We asked Jason to share how Scale Computing is finding success focusing on the midmarket space. 

Q1. When Scale Computing was founded, the company’s main focus remained on the midsize market (which was clearly the right decision). As the first hyperconverged infrastructure player, what drove the decision to focus exclusively on the midmarket sector?

A1.  Scale Computing was founded in 2007 with the mission to help an underserved segment of the IT world — the midmarket. While our competitors were mainly focused on Fortune 500 and larger enterprises, Scale Computing always remained a midmarket focus, with our HC3 solution created to have maximum affordability and accessibility to organizations of all sizes.

Q2. Scale Computing is no stranger to MES, having won a number of awards in recent years including Best Midmarket Hardware Solution and Best of Show in 2018. How does the company continue to dominate the hyperconverged infrastructure space?

A2. We’re proud to have won many MES awards over the years, including just recently winning “Best Midmarket Solution: Hardware,” “Best Boardroom: Premier Sponsor,” and “Best of Show: Premier Sponsor” with our partner, Lenovo at MES Fall 2019. We credit this to listening to the needs of midmarket customers by prioritizing high-performance, simplicity and ease of use at an affordable price point with our HC3 platform.

Q3. As a startup, how did Scale Computing originally contend with big players in the industry?

A3. We did so by focusing on our own mission and innovation for Scale Computing’s HC3, instead of following what other players in the industry were doing. By retaining our focus on serving the midmarket, we were able to help organizations achieve their IT infrastructure goals, at a fraction of the price of our competitors, and continue to do so today.

Q4. How is Scale Computing’s influence changing as HCI evolves within the midmarket?

A4. Since 2007, there has been a distinctive shift from traditional legacy external storage to hyperconverged infrastructure, allowing for HCI and edge computing to now be one of the fastest growing segments in the IT infrastructure market. As a testament to our growth within the HCI and edge computing industry, when we first launched at MES in 2012, we had three customers, and today we have over 4,000 customers, expecting even higher growth in 2020.

Q5. Scale Computing is now branching out into the channel via indirect sales. Why is the company focusing on the midmarket in this way?

A5. One of Scale Computing’s distinctions in the marketplace is that we are and have always been a 100% channel-based organization. As a channel-centric company, we work to be a trusted advisor within the channel to organizations of all sizes, enabling organizations with the tools to help solve problems with limited resources.

Q6. Why has Scale Computing’s market strategy been so successful?

A6. Our success stems from our dedication and strong belief in this market, and as a testament to that, Scale Computing’s co-founders frequently attend our new business pitches and events, like MES. It might be our Midwestern values and love of meeting new people, but we do believe that much of our marketing success comes from word of mouth and peer-to-peer connections.

Q7. Apart from your core capabilities, what more can Scale Computing offer organizations within the midmarket sector?

A7. Scale Computing’s vision for the future will allow our customers to be able to have a more forward-thinking approach of how IT can solve problems, by offering services that are transformational to their businesses. We want to provide a solution that allows companies to have a flexible IT infrastructure that will ultimately allow them to think outside of the box, modernizing and transforming their businesses.

Q8. Adoption of new technologies in the midmarket is heavily influenced by peer-to-peer connections, and Scale Computing has done a great job in leveraging relationships to grow and succeed. How does the company achieve this in a word-of-mouth environment?

A8. Our intelligent, driven employees and work ethic have brought us to where we are today — we are never satisfied with the status quo and will always push for innovation in technology. We firmly believe that relationships are the building blocks to a successful business, so we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction with our solutions, which is why many of our new prospects are found through word-of-mouth.

Q9. It was recently announced that Scale Computing is taking advantage of increasing demands within the oil and gas extraction and energy provider sectors. What other opportunities are on the horizon for Scale Computing?

A9. We have seen increased growth in the edge computing market, especially within the energy, manufacturing and retail in industries within the last year, and we expect more growth in those areas in 2020. Organizations within a variety of industries have seen an increase in a demand for edge computing, by running their mission-critical workloads outside the four walls of the data center, and we expect this will be an area of major growth for Scale Computing, and the technology industry in 2020.

With so many companies beginning to focus on the needs of the midmarket, only the best can thrive in this highly competitive space. Scale Computing remains a focus on simplicity and affordability without skimping on performance – and focusing on honest, peer-to-peer marketing – is the key to staying ahead of the game. Delivering on the promise of great service, at a great price is what Scale Computing does best.