Launchbox founder urges CIOs and CTOs to change their millennial mindset to boost business.

Millennials get a bad reputation for being disengaged, selfish and lazy — but one expert is saying before you pass judgement, look in the mirror.

“Companies need to hear the message, because if they don’t become relevant to next generation customers or employees, they’re going to die,” says Dan Negroni, founder and CEO of launchbox.

Negroni is bridging the gap between managers and their millennial workforce in the keynote “Creating Tomorrow's Winning Workplace at this spring’s Midsize Enterprise Summit—April 30 to May 2 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.

Today, there are 2.4 billion millennials who represent 36 percent of the workforce, control $660 billion in spending and will represent 75 percent of the employee and customer base by 2025. So, in order to increase employee engagement, productivity and profits, Negroni says CIO’s and CTO’s better take notice or … “They’re going to go out of business like Kodak.”

Cutting through millennial myths and focusing on cross-generational communication are crucial, which Negroni will focus on during his presentation at MES.

“The talk is an overview that opens up your mind to have you starting to think about busting the myths and really connecting on an authentic level and what you want to own in terms of your responsibility as a boss,” says Negroni.

What You Need to Know About NextGen Staff

1.     People quit their bosses. If you want people not to quit you, then change your mindset and the way you manage.

2.     The most important life/work skill is relationship building and how to do it.

3.     The most powerful tool for connecting with people is the power of the question.

The reality is technology has changed the world and the way we interact, not just with millennials, but with everyone.

“This disruption in the pace at which you can connect and the breadth in which you can connect with people creates this really heightened sense of urgency with everything, and it takes us away from people and being present in the moment, and it’s a big, big challenge,” says Negroni.

He adds that it’s not about how you want to be treated, but it’s about how your audience wants to be treated. That’s as true for a customer as it is for an employee. And when those little things start to kick in, you’ll have a massive, positive change in culture.

“The success we’ve seen is a change in mindset and an aha! Moment,” says Negroni.  

Apply to attend the Midsize Enterprise Summit to see learn more. Negroni will share more on what millennials want from their employers and case studies of cutting-edge companies that are getting it right.