Everyone enjoys a good story. 

Storytelling is more important now than ever in business to connect with people and move them to action. As IT organizations transform from transactional to strategic operations, IT leaders are becoming more business line focused. As a result, communication of strategy and change management has become an essential aspect of IT leadership. All great storytellers tell stories that follow a similar structure. Using the proven framework provided, attendees will be guided through the key parts of a story and how to build a storyline that will increase buy-in from board members, decrease frustration from lack of interest, and motivate teams.  The more complex our technologies and its applications, the more important it is that IT leaders develop the skills to communicate its value through compelling but simple stories.

Join us for an engaging session with, Mary Stanhope, Founder, Principal Consultant, iMarket2 designed for IT leaders who want to more effectively communicate with board members, business executives and employee.

The power of a story narrative empowers an IT leader to create connection,convey the value of their ideas, and inspire change.

Learn how to effectively communicate through storytelling by REGISTERING and attending MES Fall 2019 in Phoenix, AZ from September 15th to September 17th