Mike Cisek Fall 2018Discover why midmarket IT leaders believe there is a disconnect between vendors and midsize enterprises.

Technology vendors don’t understand the midmarket IT leader.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s how Mike Cisek, research director for midsize enterprises at Gartner, assessed the job technology vendors are doing when it comes to meeting the needs of the midmarket IT leader.

“Absolutely horrible.

“They have an idea that they want to impart upon you, but they have absolutely no agreement on what midsize enterprises are.”

Cisek told Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2018 conference attendees that vendors are trying to market their products and solutions for top-end buyers to drive revenue and growth for their organizations. However, their services don’t align to SMB economic and functional requirements.

Simply put, it’s too expensive.

Derek Christopher, chief information officer of Hines & Associates, says part of the disconnect is because vendors used to dealing with large organizations, focus their presentation on larger businesses.

“Some vendors have a different definition of what midsize is versus what us as midsize organizations do as far as the IT, budget, staff, the company’s revenue and number of employees.”

Mickey Tan, IT manager at popchips, believes that, despite all the doom and gloom, there are vendors who know how to work with the midmarket. “They understand your challenges in staffing and they’ll hold your hands.”

MES helps build networks, solve problems

Tan tells of a security vendor who he heard about from his peers at MES. Eventually, when the CFO of popchips tired of the email spoofing within the company, Tan recommended the security vendor based on the suggestions he got at MES, and now popchips is implementing the vendor’s software into their network.

Christopher also credits MES with bringing in vendors that understand midmarket IT leaders and the value proposition in presenting to the SMB audience.

Overall, MES attendees walked away with relationships from other vendors that they might want to partner with down the road. They also formed powerful connections with other midmarket companies that can both empathize with their pain points and tell them which vendors are best at understanding the needs of the midmarket.