Midsize Enterprise Summit gets rave reviews from IT leaders who value peer engagement and discovering new tech solutions

By Robert DeMarzo

CIOs of midmarket companies are a tough group to please. We know that from experience. So, it was very gratifying to hear positive feedback from these senior IT leaders who attended our recent Midsize Enterprise Summit conference. Our Net Promoter Score reached the mid-70s which translates into a highly satisfied group willing to recommend this event to their peers and colleagues. But don’t take our word for it! Read their comments and find out what makes today’s CIOs tick.


  • This was the most engaging and informative conference I have attended. I was able to connect with peers on a meaningful and value-added level as well as engage with vendors that truly listened.
  • This was my first MES event and I was very impressed with the people, the event itself and my co-participants. What I found most valuable was the wide spectrum of possible service providers I was exposed to and the opportunity to engage with them on detailed conversations. I walked away with an array of “gotta look into that vendor.”
  • The opportunity to network with other midsized IT professionals is valuable, while also getting time with vendors, keynotes speakers, and breakout sessions.
  • I cannot express how helpful this conference is to the IT community. The boardroom I was placed in this year was filled with IT professionals that I will network with for years to come. Most of the vendors provided helpful product information that we will consider using when purchasing these solutions for our schools. Thank you for inviting me.
  • Some of the best keynotes I have seen.  Very inspiring, engaging and entertaining.
  • The targeting of the topics (leadership, strategy, security) was really on point this year.  Last year was great, but this year was exceptional for me.  I feel that the knowledge gained and relationships formed with the vendors was invaluable.  I don't attend a lot of conferences, because too many are a waste of time for me. Also, the large group sessions were excellent.  Inspirational.  Thank you for including me.
  • A great venue to meet peers and visit with new and established vendors.
  • I get more from this conference by talking to peers and vendors than I do from any other conference I've attended.
  • MES always does a great job of bringing together vendors that the attendees have special interest in. Every MES I have attended I have walked away with a solution to a problem I had or found a software package to fill a need of ours.
  • I loved the setup and design of the conference. The boardroom sessions were extremely helpful and provided great interaction with my peers. I look forward to future opportunities to attend MES!
  • Not a single minute was wasted on this trip. I came away with 3 new vendors that I know I will be doing business with. Thank you MES for maximizing my time and helping me solve a few major business issues I was trying to deal with.
  • It is great hearing other peers' experiences with products and services. Love to learn about new offerings and technologies that keep me ahead of the curve.
  • The midmarket continues to be a unique group.  Each of us have the demands of large enterprises while needing to be as nibble as small companies.  The best way of accomplishing this is with advice from peers and introductions to vendors who understand the opportunities for each of us.  This conference engages, educates and establishes long lasting relationships with vendors and peers to help with our individual journeys.
  • This is an excellent, content filled experience with invaluable exposure to peers and solution providers.  It is extremely well- organized, and I found the content relevant and extremely informative.
  • I learned more in less time than any event I have ever attended.

It was gratifying to hear such feedback on the event. We received so many more comments we wish we could share but these give you a good idea of why midmarket IT leaders want to come together. Engaging with peers, discovering new tech solutions, listening to experts and improving their management skills is the magic mix.