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The Ultimate Diversity Action Plan for CIOs and Digital Workplace Leaders

Cindy Kelly MES Fall 2018Cindy Kelly unveils a list of inclusion practices and an action plan for today’s IT leader to exploit to improve workplace diversity.

Diversity is a problem among IT leaders.

Today, 80 percent of CIOs are male. More than 50 percent are between the ages of 40 and 49. And, 70 percent have an ISTJ personality type.

Right Talent + Right Culture = Increased Productivity

Antonio Neri BoB 2018When today’s leaders talk about the importance of culture, listen carefully and focus on how culture is impacting productivity.

Best of Breed: A CIO's View

John RegulaTake a closer look through the eyes of a CIO at what took place at the recent Best of Breed conference featuring many of today’s leading tech providers and his take on the channel’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Three Foundational Elements of Leaders Winning the Future

Thornton May MES fall 2018 keynoteThornton May shares the three As every IT leader must possess to win the future.

Those who worked in IT weren’t always expected to lead. They were expected to manage and manage only. They were required to stay on time, on budget and meet expectations. As long as nobody else noticed them, they were doing their jobs.

That is not the case today.

Listen Carefully to What Today's IT Leaders Are Saying

Bob DeMarzo MES Fall 2018 stageMidmarket executives want a little inspiration to motivate them and their teams. Who will give it to them?

If you listen carefully to what midmarket leaders and don’t jump quickly to conclusions, you will gain an understanding of their needs as executives at the intersection of business and technology.

Vendors Need to Do a Better Job of Understanding the Midmarket

Mike Cisek Fall 2018Discover why midmarket IT leaders believe there is a disconnect between vendors and midsize enterprises.

Technology vendors don’t understand the midmarket IT leader.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s how Mike Cisek, research director for midsize enterprises at Gartner, assessed the job technology vendors are doing when it comes to meeting the needs of the midmarket IT leader.

Is the Title 'CIO' Holding Back Today's IT Leader?

Bonnie Hagemann MES keynoteBonnie Hagemann discusses whether the title of CIO is appropriate or a hindrance to an IT leader’s career and shares helpful tips for how technology leaders can expand their role in an organization.

What’s in a name?

More than you realize.

The Midmarket Comes Alive!

Bob DeMarzo MES Fall 2018Bob DeMarzo shares his takeaways from the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2018 conference in San Diego.

During four days in San Diego, I saw the midmarket come alive.

Create an Environment That's Conducive to Making Money

Bonnie Hagemann MES Fall 2018Bonnie Hagemann explains how making money for your business is similar to beekeeping.

Fun fact: Locally sourced honey will cure your allergies.

This is the technique that Bonnie Hagemann, CEO of Executive Development Associates, used to inoculate her body to the local allergies in Kansas City, MO.

First-Time MES Sponsor Morphisec Comes Out on Top at Fall 2018 Conference

More than 500 senior IT leaders and technology suppliers gathered in San Diego earlier this week at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2018 conference for three days of inspiring keynotes, interactive boardroom sessions and abundant networking. The event was topped off with a lively awards ceremony, recognizing the event’s best-performing IT vendors and tech suppliers.