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How to Succeed in an Era of Digital Transformation

Niel NickolaisenNiel Nickolaisen delves into how IT leaders can lead their organizations through a transformative time in IT, while becoming stronger leaders, too.

Are You a Growth-Focused CIO?

Develop a game plan to be a growth-oriented CIO. Identify where growth is coming from. Support it so executives and team members can capture the revenue and maximize the profits.

Being Brief Makes a Big Impact

Charley ThorntonCharley Thornton with The BRIEF Lab shares practical techniques to make communications more impactful to get more work done.

Attention spans are shrinking.

Email inboxes are too full to manage.

Meetings never end.

Presentations waste time.

Conversations are unproductive.

Getting to the most important point quickly is a skill that’s in high demand and low supply.

Meet the Tech Exec: Helen Norris, Chapman University

Helen NorrisHelen Norris of Chapman University discusses the rise of women in technology, the importance of inspiring young women in STEM areas, and how women could change IT.

Meet the Tech Exec: Matt Webb, Mirati Therapeutics

Matt WebbMatt Webb of Mirati Therapeutics shares how he supports innovation within his organization to deliver better solutions.

Mixed Numbers for Midmarket

National Center for the Middle MarketRevenue growth dips, employment growth rises, according to newly released Middle Market Indicator Data from the National Center for the Middle Market.

The National Center for the Middle Market just released its Middle Market Indicator Data and the results were mixed.

Build a Security Risk Governance Program

Stephen NardoneA security expert with Connection discusses how to build a security risk governance program.

“It’s not a matter of when. You already have been breached. You just don’t know it. That’s the theory I subscribe to.”

That’s how Stephen Nardone, director of Connection’s security practice, opened his talk at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2018 conference in Orlando.

MES Dials In Content to Help IT Executives Lead Their Organizations

The Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2018 conference will be here before you know it. Here’s a first look at what’s planned for the event.

Align IoT Ambitions with Midmarket Capabilities

Robert RhameA Gartner research director discusses the challenges facing midmarket CIOs looking to install IoT solutions in organizations with limited bandwidth who lack IoT security skills.

There’s more danger in the Internet of Things than many people think.

“It’s more than just putting in some sensors.”

Meet the Tech Exec: Ken Lawonn, Sharp HealthCare

Ken LawonnKen Lawonn of Sharp HealthCare discusses security, public cloud and the Internet of Things.