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Midmarket CIOs Need Someone to Admire

Larry EllisonEveryone looks up to Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Reed Hastings, but who do the senior IT leaders of midmarket organizations admire?

Every Great Business Starts With a Great Story

Jose RuggeroFind out how midsize enterprises can use storytelling to grow their customer base.

Your customers want to know your story and understand why you exist, why are you doing business and how you differ from the competition.

Gold Phish

Todd O'BoyleA WatchGuard expert shows you how to build a phishing protection program that works.

Most phishing attacks begin by targeting people.

“Therefore, our security programs should spend 90 percent of their money on people.”

Midmarket IT Security Leaders Gather, Honor Top Suppliers

Too many organizations react to breaches, rather than develop effective proactive measures to combat internal and external threats, according to the experts who gathered at the MES IT Security Summit.

Midmarket IT leaders who focus on security must shift to a proactive posture to succeed. That was the conclusion from the IT security professionals gathered at the first Midsize Enterprise IT Security Summit that took place in late May.

Security Lessons from a Hall of Famer

Candy AlexanderFrom witnessing a hack first-hand to keeping others safe, Candy Alexander has seen it all when it comes to IT security. Here’s what Bob DeMarzo took away from her keynote presentation at the MES IT Security conference.

Accelerate the Business Connection with Cloud, Automation and AI

Jorge MaestreAn HPE storage expert discusses how cloud, automation and artificial intelligence accelerate your business.

Hybrid IT isn’t just hype. It’s reality.

Automation and AI drive faster, smarter and less-expensive operations, resulting in the need for powerful hybrid infrastructures that any midsize organization—large or small—can take advantage of to accelerate business.

Don't Take Our Word...MES is a "Must-Attend Event"

MES spring 2018 feedbackCheck out this collection of testimonials from a post-event survey of Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2018 conference attendees.

Differentiate and Win...or Fade Away

MES Spring 2018 crowdTimes have changed, especially for the IT leader who isn’t just enabling marketing and sales to do their jobs better, but is now assuming a leadership role.

How Transformational Leaders Build a Winning Culture

Joe BassaniMES Spring 2018 speaker Joe Bassani shares his experiences gained from working with successful leaders in different roles, industries and countries.

Take a Pragmatic Approach to Security

Neil WynneNeil Wynne, a senior research analyst with Gartner, offers some advice to midmarket CIOs dealing with the challenge of limited security budgets, a scarcity of skilled security professionals, and limited data protection and monitoring for cloud workloads.