Best of Breed Conference 2018
October 8, 2018 to October 9, 2018
Philadelphia, PA

An Invitation Only Exclusive Thought Leadership Conference

The CRN® Best of Breed Conference brings together a prestigious gathering of 100+ of the most influential executives from CRN’s Solution Provider 500, Tech Elite 250, and Fast Growth 150 communities.

Building upon CRN's cutting-edge content, this event is executed at the highest level of quality and is renowned for its innovative content, insight, and executive peer networking opportunities.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the conversation and develop the future IT channel agenda. 



Where CEO's Gather To Discuss The Business Of The Channel


What sets best-of-breed CEOs apart is their uncanny ability to be forward-looking. This does not happen by accident, as these solution provider executives must develop their capacity to envision the future of the channel as well as their own organization. As strategists, they shape the channel’s future in the form of services to offer, the customers to pursue, the strategic partnerships to forge, and the next-generation skills to create for employees. These leaders are focused on answering the question, “Where are we going?” and then leaning into the future more than other companies might. They realize they need to change their own habits as well as those of the leadership team and the entire organization to survive the disruptive change sweeping through the channel. They cannot afford to have some people live in yesterday while others live in tomorrow. The business model just won’t survive under that conflict. Strategy, as one prominent CEO says, is now hourly, with strategic thinking more fluid than ever. That is why CEOs must come together at the BoB Conference to leverage the collective wisdom so they can speed up change.


Top Reasons to Attend

 An Exclusive Event. Bringing together the top vendor and solution provider organizations in an intimate executive-level conference.
 Exclusive Peer-to-Peer Networking. VIPs from top-performing solution providers come together to build relationships and develop strategies with peers.
 Leadership. A thought leadership conference for executives dedicated to achieving the highest levels of performance in the IT channel.
 The 2019 Agenda. Get involved in the conversations that will form the 2019 solution provider business agenda.

What Our Attendees Say

"One of the best uses of my time to establish relationships with CEO peers from across the Country to swap ideas on Channel IT Strategy..."

-CEO & President, DP Solutions


The BoB Conference is a great forum for channel leadership to collaborate and innovate during a period or dramatic industry transformation. The Channel Company is to be commended for their ongoing commitment to this forum.

-CEO, GreenPages Technology Solutions


"The BOB Conference is where you can get a view of the future from the leaders of the industry."

— Vice President & COO, ImageQuest

"Best of Breed is a stellar conference where top technology leaders meet and exchange ideas on the future of IT. I highly recommend the conference for CEOs who are looking to learn from their peers and forge stronger relationships."

— President & CEO, Axispoint

BOB is the most relevant conference for any CEO running a solution provider. Well worth the couple of days spent there.

-President, Saratoga


"The BoB was the most well rounded conference I have ever attended. The vast range of Industry knowledge and expertise delivered great content as well as solidifying and/or nurturing partnerships."

— President, Strategic Business Development, Tier3MD

The size and careful selection of Best of Breed attendees allowed for extremely positive interactions at all times with little to no "white noise" that normally buzzes around larger events.


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2018 Event Sponsors

Datto Inc.
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Kaspersky Lab

Event Format

Best of Breed Advisory Board

Manak Ahluwalia
Manak Ahluwalia
President & CEO, Aqueduct Technologies Inc.
Richard Baldwin
Richard Baldwin
Founder, CSO, CIO, Nth Generation
George Barkley
George Barkley
Managing Partner, Sovereign Systems
Tim Burke
Tim Burke
President and CEO, Quest
Bob Cagnazzi
President & CEO, Presidio
Tom Colleary
Tom Colleary
President, F3 Technology Partners
John Cunningham
John Cunningham
Founder & Co-CEO, BCM One
Vince DeLuca
Vince DeLuca
CEO, Logicalis
Dan DiSano
Dan DiSano
President and CEO, Axispoint
Ron Dupler
Ron Dupler
CEO, GreenPages
Kelly Ireland
CEO, CB Technologies, Inc.
Ashby Lincoln
President & CEO, VeriStor
Bob Venero
President & CEO, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc
Harry Zarek
Harry Zarek
President and CEO, Compugen Inc.
Mike Thompson, CEO, Groupware Technology
Mike Thompson
CEO, Groupware Technology
Steve Barone, CEO, CBI Secure
Steve Barone
CEO, CBI Secure
Bill Barry, EVP North America Sales, Denali
Bill Barry
EVP, North America Sales, Denali
Pat Grillo, Founder and CEO, Atrion Communications Resources
Pat Grillo
Founder and CEO, Atrion Communications Resources, Inc.
Michael Crean, President and CEO, Solutions Granted
Michael Crean
President and CEO, Solutions Granted
Felise Katz
Felise Katz
CEO, PKA Technologies

2018 Event Speakers

Robert Faletra
Robert Faletra
Partner, Executive Chairman , The Channel Company
Pat Gelsinger
Pat Gelsinger
CEO, VMware
Keerti Melkote
Keerti Melkote
Co-Founder & General Manager, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
Antonio Neri
Antonio Neri
President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ed Rendell
Pennsylvania Govenor, NBC News Political Analyst & Author
Dan Pickett
President & CEO, Zones Infrastructure
Mark Wyllie
CEO, Flagship Solutions Group
Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analtyics
Mark Zandi
Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics


Giving Back

Channel@Work is our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much over the past three decades. This charitable arm of The Channel Company’s events group is designed to bring the IT community together to connect and give back to the local communities that host our events.  For questions about this great initiative, please contact Carolyn Herr, Event Director

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