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Keynote: Creating Tomorrow’s Winning Workplace

Businesses that are succeeding clearly get what millennials want and expect from their employers and careers.  In this session, solution providers will learn from the companies that get it. All businesses must understand the secrets to leveraging the unique competencies, strengths and value that millennials bring to the workplace and how to guide and empower them to create winning workplaces.

Today there are 2.4 billion millennials, they represent 36 percent of the workforce, control $660 billion in spending and will represent 75 percent of the employee and customer base by 2025.  They grew up differently, view the world differently and are changing the way we run our businesses and sell  products and services. Think of Nexflix’s impact on Blockbuster or Uber’s disruption of the taxi industry or even how Airbnb is changing the hotel industry. IT leaders must ask what their business is doing to create a workplace that attracts, engages and retains the next generation of employees.

In this provocative, interactive keynote, Dan Negroni of Launchbox365 will share what millennials want from their employers and case studies of cutting-edge companies that are getting it right.  Attendees will learn:

  • The positive characteristics and strengths that millennials bring to the workplace
  • What millennials expect and value from their job and employers
  • 6 key steps to engaging the next generation
  • What the most innovative companies are doing to leverage millennials’ strengths and create a connected workplace

Dan Negroni, Founder & CEO of Launchbox365