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Inside the New World of IoT - Finding New Players & Future Partners

There is no doubt that IoT represents a massive opportunity for solution providers but capitalizing on the trend will require a new set of partners that come from outside the traditional IT industry. IT-focused solution providers need partners who can help them turn pools of data created by IoT into value for customers. There are hundreds of companies in the business of data collection, industrial automation, monitoring and control and automation transmission that solution providers need to know if they are going to build successful IoT practices. Having the right partners can open doors in markets such as energy, healthcare, industrial products, transportation, public safety and building maintenance. But everyone needs to speak the same language in order to move forward. Solution providers must get out in front of this trend and connect with partners who have OT services that can be incorporated into an overall IT or business solution for customers. During this session, attendees will receive an overview of some of these suppliers to gain an understanding of their offerings, strategies, growth plans and perceptions of today's IT channel.