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Keynote: The New Era of Digital Marketing

Digital has changed the game for most business leaders especially when it comes to their marketing strategies. The cloud era’s lasting impact will be how it force solution providers to embrace and master digital marketing. Top executives, not just those leading marketing, must make sure their companies are at the leading edge of digital marketing or they will be left behind. They must build sales, marketing, service and operational teams that have the ability to merge technology and creativity. This new era of digital marketing also requires leaders to be in close proximity to the customer to understand how they are evaluating partners and making buying decisions. It is clear that digital marketing is a vastly different discipline today that it was just a few years ago given the rise of social media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the emergence of new operating models. This change is also being driven by tech suppliers—large and small—that want their channel partners to leverage the latest digital marketing techniques to grow sales, engage new customers and build pipelines. The question every leader must ask themselves is whether their organization is ready for the next phase of digital marketing. Join this session to hear from a panel of experts on this topic including voices from outside the IT and high-tech market.