October 2017
7 Steps to IoT Success
The Internet of Things market provides some new opportunities for channel partners and vendors to team up and provide new services and solutions.

Success in the IoT space will require vendors and channel partners to work more closely together than they ever have before. Solution providers will be critical enablers that help vendors take different technology pieces and put them together for customers as an end-to-end IoT solution.

Get Full Coverage from the EMEA Member and Partner Conference
CompTIA held its annual EMEA Member and Partner Conference in October, welcoming keynoters ranging from a former head of Britain’s Security Service – MI5 – widely known as the fictional home of legendary film spy James Bond, and a pioneer in the field of project management. The event featured a session on GDPR compliance called A Roadmap to Being Compliant – and much more. Click here to get full coverage from the event!

Listen in on our Technology Services Success Series of Podcasts
The Technology Services Success series of podcasts is sponsored by CompTIA’s Technology Lifecycle Services Community, which provides a forum for business executives to discuss commonality within the technology service industry. Listen here to learn how to turn data into profits and use strategic collaboration and partnering to drive business innovation and more!

Citizens Sound Off on Smart Cities in New CompTIA Report
CompTIA’s voice in the emerging smart cities space is further extended with new research. Building Smart Cities and Communities provides insight from the perspective government and citizens. The report identifies four factors that will shape the future direction of smart cities. Learn more here and click here to read the report.

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