Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Real: It's Time To Get Ready
What the industry's top CEOs are saying about the future of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is soaring in popularity and its already in place, in some form, in about half the companies today. CompTIA's research brief on Artificial Intelligence is an excellent primer with the latest information on the market size, market impact and the outlook for vendors and solution providers in the next few years.

The speed at which AI changes the IT landscape is going to surprise us, according to the CEOs of the top IT companies in the channel.  CONTINUE READING >>
CompTIA Named a 2017 ChannelPro SMB All-Star
Like the weather, the shortage of qualified technical talent is one of those problems that everyone talks about, but no one does anything about. ChannelPro has named CompTIA the exception here, listing us among its SMB All-Stars for the year. The association is lauded for its January acquisition of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, a membership group for IT managers from outside the channel. CompTIA hopes to use it as the launching pad for a new generation of technicians ready, willing and able to manage today’s increasingly complex IT infrastructures.

CompTIA Helps You Understand Emerging Technology
Artificial intelligence and blockchain are hot topics that are redefining the tech landscape and workforce overall. To keep our members up to date on such trends, we’re currently publishing a research series – Understanding Emerging Technology. The first in the series is Understanding Emerging Technology: Artificial Intelligence, and the second is Understanding Emerging Technology: Blockchain. CompTIA Premier Members and Registered Users, check them out today!

Women In Tech: How Harnessing The Power Of One Can Bridge The Confidence Gap
CompTIA has launched a brand-new campaign called The Power of One, which is centered around role models and the impact that one person can have on another’s life and encourages women to be that role model for one girl that they know. If every woman in tech looked within their own circles and showed someone how exciting and fulfilling a career in tech could be, and showed them they have the skills do it, we could go a huge distance to addressing our industry’s long-standing gender imbalance. Contact to see how you can get involved.
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