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Q&A: New MES IT Security Advisory Board Member Janet Stone

Janet StoneMES IT Security Advisory Board member Janet Stone discusses her day-to-day work with one of the nation’s largest insurance companies as well as the challenges she faces in keeping her company safe and secure.

Ten Questions (and Answers) with Sandra Lambert

Sandra LambertLearn more about MES IT Security Summit speaker Sandra Lambert as she answers 10 questions from The Channel Company senior vice president of event content and strategy, Robert DeMarzo.

Five Security Questions (and None Ask For Your Password)

Paul FurtadoHow can IT leaders manage multiple IT priorities and security at the same time? How do you prioritize security spending so the company is protected without breaking the budget?

IT Vendors Committed To Midmarket IT

Bob DeMarzoA synopsis of leading vendors who are addressing the needs of midmarket IT leaders with solutions designed specifically for this sector.

When it comes to the midmarket, actions speak louder than words.

Senior IT leaders want tech suppliers and vendors who are committed to this market and understand the needs of midsize companies. We have said that many times before so apologies to those hearing it again.

Meet the Tech Exec: Ken Lawonn, Sharp HealthCare

Ken LawonnKen Lawonn of Sharp HealthCare discusses security, public cloud and the Internet of Things.

Midmarket IT Security Leaders Gather, Honor Top Suppliers

Too many organizations react to breaches, rather than develop effective proactive measures to combat internal and external threats, according to the experts who gathered at the MES IT Security Summit.

Midmarket IT leaders who focus on security must shift to a proactive posture to succeed. That was the conclusion from the IT security professionals gathered at the first Midsize Enterprise IT Security Summit that took place in late May.

Security Lessons from a Hall of Famer

Candy AlexanderFrom witnessing a hack first-hand to keeping others safe, Candy Alexander has seen it all when it comes to IT security. Here’s what Bob DeMarzo took away from her keynote presentation at the MES IT Security conference.

Take a Pragmatic Approach to Security

Neil WynneNeil Wynne, a senior research analyst with Gartner, offers some advice to midmarket CIOs dealing with the challenge of limited security budgets, a scarcity of skilled security professionals, and limited data protection and monitoring for cloud workloads.

IT Security’s Defining Moment Is Here

Welcome to a world where security will permeate every conversation, every project and every engagement IT leaders have with senior business executives.

There have been a few times in the tech industry when everyone’s attention turns to one subject…and we may have just arrived at one of those instances.

It's Time to Pay More Attention to the Information Side of IT

MES IT Security Board member Anh Tran believes it is time for midmarket leaders to put more focus on the information aspect of IT.

In today’s IT-centric world, midmarket leaders from all backgrounds tend to place more of an emphasis on the “T,” which stands for technology, rather than the “I,” information.