At MES Fall 2019, today’s top tech suppliers will gather with senior IT decision makers to discuss how the latest tech solutions can help drive business growth.

The Power of Storytelling

Everyone enjoys a good story. 

Storytelling is more important now than ever in business to connect with people and move them to action. As IT organizations transform from transactional to strategic operations, IT leaders are becoming more business line focused. As a result, communication of strategy and change management has become an essential aspect of IT leadership. All great storytellers tell stories that follow a similar structure. Using the proven framework provided, attendees will be guided through the key parts of a story and how to build a storyline that will increase buy-in from board members, decrease frustration from lack of interest, and motivate teams.  The more complex our technologies and its applications, the more important it is that IT leaders develop the skills to communicate its value through compelling but simple stories.

Join us for an engaging session with, Mary Stanhope, Founder, Principal Consultant, iMarket2 designed for IT leaders who want to more effectively communicate with board members, business executives and employee.

The power of a story narrative empowers an IT leader to create connection,convey the value of their ideas, and inspire change.

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What Draws Midmarket IT Leaders Together

Midsize Enterprise Summit gets rave reviews from IT leaders who value peer engagement and discovering new tech solutions

By Robert DeMarzo

The Channel Company Announces Partnership with IDC for Midsize Enterprise Summit Events

The Channel Company is pleased to announce a research and content partnership with leading market intelligence firm IDC for its Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) conferences and webinars. The MES event series connects midmarket senior IT executives with technology suppliers and thought leaders to build strategic relationships that maximize ROI.     

The Midmarket’s Coolest IT Vendors

We wanted to know who the coolest companies were when it comes to supplying technology solutions to their organizations, so we asked.

Who didn’t want to be one of the cool kids in high school? I know I certainly wanted to be in that club. There were limits to what I would do to qualify, but it really was a place me and my friends aspired to. Of course, there was also mystery surrounding who was cool and who wasn’t.

Q&A: Meet the Newest MES Advisory Board Member – Mike Novak

Mike NovakDiscover how the hospitality industry has evolved through technology, according to the newest MES Advisory Board member.

IT veteran Mike Novak brings more than 20 years of experience as the newest MES Advisory Board member. He serves as the global vice president of information technology for Las Vegas-based Hakkasan Group, a hospitality company with multiple establishments across the globe.

Fast Food is Heavily Dependent on Technology

Terry Brown-WalkerLearn how the newest MES Advisory Board member has witnessed the development of technology in the fast-food industry.

We are no longer living in the world of your father’s favorite fast-food restaurants. Thanks to the current advancements in connectivity and the Internet of Things, technology is reshaping the way fast-food restaurants serve to their customers.

IT And Healthcare: Keeping The Relationship Healthy In An Ever-Changing Field

Sean PatrickMeet the new MES Advisory Board member with a front-row seat to the shifting landscape of healthcare and how IT has had to adapt to new demands within it.

Meet the Newest MES Advisory Board Members

Get to know the IT leaders who will help The Channel Company plot the future direction, content and enhancements to the event experience for sponsors and attendees of the Midsize Enterprise Summit.

The Midsize Enterprise Summit announced its newest Advisory Board members who will play a strategic role in guiding the conference’s future direction, content and enhancements to the event experience for sponsors and attendees.

Meet the Tech Exec: Dr. Claire Weston, Reveal Biosciences

Dr. Claire WestonDr. Claire Weston is an accomplished and dedicated scientific leader with a track record of success in cancer research.