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The Channel Company Announces Partnership with IDC for Midsize Enterprise Summit Events

The Channel Company is pleased to announce a research and content partnership with leading market intelligence firm IDC for its Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) conferences and webinars. The MES event series connects midmarket senior IT executives with technology suppliers and thought leaders to build strategic relationships that maximize ROI.     

The Great Divide in Speaking Tech

Communicating a message to CIOs and other tech professionals requires a personal connection to succeed.

A few weeks ago, a senior executive from one of the industry’s largest vendors called to prepare for a presentation he was scheduled to deliver to a large group of IT leaders.

Sounds like a run-of-the-mill meeting, right?

Tracing the Evolution of Viruses from Harmless to Harmful

Terry OrletskyMES IT Security Board member Terry Orletsky has seen first-hand how viruses have grown from pesky nuisances that impacted isolated businesses, to cybersecurity threats that dominate headlines worldwide.

With decades of IT experience under his belt, Terry Orletsky has witnessed the transformation of the security landscape on many different fronts.

Don't Let Cyberinsecurity Cripple Your Bottom Line

Even though most midmarket IT leaders know that cyber attacks will devastate their bottom line, they only devote a minuscule amount of their IT budgets to combating those attacks.

If you’re like most midmarket IT leaders, your company’s infrastructure is your central nervous system. It goes without saying, perhaps, that an attack on that infrastructure would be devastating.

Maximize Time and Money At Must-Not-Miss MES

First-person insights on the value of MES for CIOs, vendors and more from Advisory Board member John Regula.

“I am able to take solutions that are prudent and germane for my size business and evaluate them over two or three days in a very concise and deliberate manner,” says John Regula.

5 Top Optimization Tips For Any Security Technology Purchase

In our complex security landscape, many organizations acquire new security technologies to aid in protecting their businesses. While it is daunting enough finding the right technology to meet the many complex business needs involved, there is even more to consider when it comes to actually making any security technology a success.