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The Future Is Yours: Career Paths For Young Women

Women of the Channel West has launched a special workshop for young women who are trying to visualize their career paths. This pre-event workshop is designed to help women in college and STEM-focused high-school students identify opportunities in the booming tech industry. The Women of the Channel Career Pursuits Workshop will cover a wide range of issues, including opportunities in the IT services and high-tech industries, the importance of internship, landing that first job, and how to build a network of supportive professional women. The content delivered by Women In The Channel and Sirius, is designed to help young women tailor their education to enter the world of IT and prepare them to climb the ladder of success. Established and emerging leaders in high-tech will come together to share their wisdom on the potential paths, hurdles and opportunities that await students. This workshop will feature a promising group of young women from the San Francisco Bay area with the goal of inspiring them to pursue not only technical jobs, but roles in sales, marketing, customer support, IT services and partner management.

Session Information

The Secrets To Finding A Great Job In The Technology Industry
Speaker: Deborah Dove Larson, Vice President of Sales, Sirius Computer Solutions
Many young women think of the obvious brand names in high tech as a place to start their careers. While Apple, Google and Facebook are great companies, there is more to high-tech than those organizations. College-bound and college students need to broaden their view on the tech industry and consider companies that play critical roles in building IT solutions for customers of all sizes. These high-energy, entrepreneurial organizations are at the center of emerging technologies, services, application development, programming and business innovation. This session will help young women understand career opportunities at industry leader Sirius and its commitment to women in technology.
Key Takeaways:
  • How selling technology is really about selling business solutions.
  • The job opportunities an IT integrator like Sirius offers in sales, marketing, presales and post sales engineering, implementation, project management and operations.
  • Understanding associate programs, Women’s Forum, #SiriusWIT

Falling Into Startup: Forging A Path To Success In Tech
Speaker: Alexa Fleur, Co-Founder, CritiqueIT Inc.
Alexa Fleur is an entrepreneur and co-founder of CWorks!, Chicks Can Code and CritiqueIT Inc., an annotation tech company.  She will share her career adventure along with how she has navigated the ups and downs and the lessons learned. From seed idea to the present day, Fleur tells the story of how she fell into the unexpected journey. A lively presentation, Fleur's stories are peppered with excerpts from her personal journal and lessons learned on the way to success. Fleur graduated from California State University-Fullerton with a bachelor’s in fine arts in graphic design and photography.
Envisioning Endless Possibilities for Your Future
Speaker: Nacime Karami, Director of Sales for Velo Cloud & Hilary Gadda, Director, Channel Partner Program, TPx Communications

There is a place for you in IT. This session is designed for young women in college-bound and college students who are interested in pursuing careers in information technology or high-tech. In this interactive session, attendees will gain an understanding of the current opportunities for young women while in a wide range of industries presented by a veteran of the IT and telecom industry. She will dispel myths about jobs in tech support, design, manufacture and programming while illuminating the roles of women leaders at companies like Google, Apple, SpaceX and more. Case studies of successful women applying their tech skills in innovative and fun ways will be presented. In addition, attendees will gain an understanding of the information technology or “IT” industry where there are some 500,000 open jobs.  This session will explore how women can make a different in, earn great money, work where they want, have a challenging career or own a company. There is a place for women in IT who have studied marketing, sales, science, math, geospatial research, sports medicine, web development, music and so many more subjects. Just allow yourself to dream of an amazing future.

The Art And Science Of Becoming A Female Tech Leader
Speaker: Wendi O’Neill, Splunk Platform Leader, Sirius Computer Solutions
For young women who aspire to be leaders they need to understand the building blocks along with the challenges facing them. Becoming a female leader in technology requires a well-thought out game plan that embraces the business realities and is flexible to go with the flow of what may come. For attendees who want to lead teams--large and small--or build a path to the C-suite they must understand how to overcome bias, build their presence and confidence and surround themselves with the right people. Hear from a leader who has faced those issues and more to help you prepare for what’s ahead.
The Future Is Theirs: Meet The Next Generation Of Leaders
Moderator: Sandy Carter, Vice President, Amazon Web Services  

Panelists: Anika Bagga, President, Cupertino High School Women In Tech & Selynna Sun, California Polytechnic State University & Alexandria Bruschi, University of California, Berkeley & Lydia Ruiz, University of California, Berkeley

Hear from high achieving young women in college and high-school who are destined for greatness. Gain an understanding of what these future leaders want from their education and how they view their career choices especially when it comes to the tech industry. Moderated by accomplished high-tech executive Sandy Carter, this peer-panel will help attendees plan for what's ahead and how to capitalize on the rapid pace of change in business and tech. Attendees will also have a chance to ask the panelists and moderator questions about careers, education and life.
Fast Chat: The 3 Most Valued Skills In College And Career
Speaker: Sue Enquist, Founder Enquist Consulting; former UCLA women's softball head coach; Hall of Famer; National Champion
Sue Enquist knows how to win and coach winners. In this session, attendees will hear from the legendary UCLA women’s softball coach who amassed one of the winningest records of all time. Enquist will share her insight from years of building high-achieving teams, motivating individuals to be their best and developing winning mindsets. Enquist, will share what she believes are the three most valuable skills for women who want to succeed in college, in their careers and in life.